HH1545 High lift full electric stacker

HH1545 High lift full electric stacker is a popular kind of battery stacker, which is convenient, smooth and efficient to stack pallets on racks and transport goods, especially suitable for operating at narrow aisles, upstairs, elevators. Because of low noise and little pollution, Electric stacker is widely used in food, medicine, textile and other industries.

As a high lift electric stacker,  the lifting height of this HH series electric stacker truck can reach 5500mm(216.5inch),which can be suitable for large warehouse loading or unloading. It is a pallet lifting machine, this pallet stacker with 560mm(22inch) or 680mm(26.8inch) fork overall width, which can be suitable for all the standard pallets.

This battery includes 3 different models with 1500kg capacity and different lifting height, HH1545 for 4500mm lifting height, HH1550 for 5000mm lifting height, HH1555 for 5500mm lifting height.

This high lift full electric battery stacker is electric lifting and electric moving, so it is very convenient, and labor-saving, so it is a very effiency warehouse stacker forklift. To be as a electric hand forklift, foldable pedal and handrail is optional, so it is also a stand on electric pallet stacker .  Unique designed folded pedal, with buffering function, avoid shake while traveling, and it can be folded when not in use. Humanized design of handrail, protect the operator when operating.

HH Series Full Electric Stacker is mainly used in pallet stacking and short distance transportation at plants,warehouse and logistics systems. Powered by batteries and mounted with ferrous polyurethane wheels, the stacker is mainly operated on level surface.
The stacker has character of low noise, no pollution and low maintenance cost. The high capacity batteries ensure long continuous work time. To avoid the damage to people, vehicles and cargos, the stacker must be used and maintained according to the instruction. Any load exceeding the trucks maximum load or unbalanced load must be avoided. Any modification to the stacker without authorization are forbiddened.


i-lift No.155141415514151551416
Load Centremm(in.)600(23.6)
Max.fork heightmm(in.)4500(177.2)5000(200)5500(216.5)
Overall lengthmm(in.)2065(81.3)
Overall Widhmm(in.)900(35.4)
Overall Heightmm(in.)2092(82.4)2259(88.9)2425(95.5)
Maximum overall heightmm(in.)4972(195.7)5473(215.5)5971(235.1)
Free lift heightmm(in.)1550(61)1716(67.6)1884(74.2)
Minimum height of forksmm(in.)≤90(3.5)
Overall Width of forksmm(in.)560/680(22/26.8)
Dimension of forkmm(in.)56/160/1150(2.2/6.3/45.3)
Wheel basemm(in.)1371(54)
Ground clearancemm(in.)≥30(1.2)
Minimum turning radiusmm(in.)1640(64.6)
Minimum stacking aislemm(in.)≥2550(100)
Climb gradient loaded%5
Traveling speedLoadedkm/h5.2
Lift SpeedLoadedmm/s125
Lowering speedLoadedmm/s94
Net Weight(without battery)kg(lb.)1180(2596)1260(2772)1340(2948)
MotorLift Motorkw/V3.0/24(DC)
Travel Motorkw/V1.5/17(AC)
Turning Motorkw/V0.15/24(DC)
WheelFront wheelmm(in.)78*70(3*2.8)
Balancing wheelmm(in.)125*75(5*3)
Driving wheelmm(in.)230*80(9*3.1)

As an electric stacker manufacture, we have a variety of specifications for option, and also accept customization. just let us know what you need.Attention and Warning:There should be a safety sign on the outside of the door frame.The stacking truck should have an obvious lifting position.The obvious position of the stacker frame should be marked with steel serial number.Before shipment, the manufacturer shall:A) all random accessories and tools shall be rustproof or other protective measures;B) apply anti-rust oil on the surface of all exposed unpainted parts of the stacking truck:C) the hydraulic components that must be sealed must be approved by the inspectors before sealing;D) sufficient lubricating grease shall be applied to all lubrication parts;E) all parts of the stacking truck with relative motion shall be fixed accordingly:F) hydraulic oil should be added to the specified position.