ND1000 “U” Table scale

The U-shape scale is a calibratable scale that will be already calibrated before delivery. The measurements of the U-shape scale are exactly accordant to serial EU palettes. The U-shape of the platform scale allows a quick and easy load of the scale even by means of forklift scales. The four load cells of the U-shape scale are IP68 protected and are embedded at the corners of the U-shape scale. The weighing frame is made of massive stainless steel that is resistant to acids. The display of the U-shape scale is IP65 protected and can be mounted either to a wall or placed on a table. There is also an option to extend the U-shape scale with interfaces, whilst it should be considered that the IP protection would be affected by that. For a more comfortable transport and moving from one location to another, the U-shape scale also features rollers at its pillars. Functions of the U-shape scale are automatic tare, unit counter, tare memory, gross / net weighing, percentage calculation, threshold measurement etc.

The floor scale has models ND500, ND1000, ND2000, ND3000, ND5000 with different capacity 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg.

i-Lift No.12108011210802121080312108041210805
Measuring Range kg(lb.)500(1100)1000(2200)2000(4400)3000(6600)5000(11000)
Indexing Accuracy kg(lb.)0.5(1.1)1(2.2)2(4.4)3(6.6)5(11)
Sensor Capacity kg(lb.)500(1100)1000(2200)2000(4400)3000(6600)2500(5500)
Sensor Number4
Resolution Step kg(lb.)4(8.8)10(22)20(44)20(44)40(88)
Height mm(in.)120(4.7)
Net Weight kg(lb.)38(83.6)38(83.6)38(83.6)38(83.6)45(99)

Features of  the "U" Table scale

● “U”Shaped Top Platform
● “U”Shaped table scale are special for handling pallets, no need for a pit or load ramps.
● Suitable for weighing in warehouse, storehouse.
● Light net weight, easy to move for one person, with two wheels.
● Four ally tool steel potted load cells.
● Deluxe stainless steel indicator as standard.