ID1000 Digital Load Indicators

Lifting scale has models ID250, ID500, ID1000, ID2000, ID3200, ID6400 for capacity 550kg, 1100kg, 2200kg, 4400kg, 7000kg, 14000kg

▲ The i-LIFT load indictor is a mechanical measuring instrument with electronic display.

▲ Because of its flexibility the i-LIFT load indictor has universal applications.

▲ Whether used as a conventional crane scale or to measure forces, it is the economical choice for various applications. It can be used in conjunction with shackles and hooks.

▲ The load indictor is provided with liquid crystal display (LCD) which can tare as well as show either the gross or the net load.

▲ It also indicates the overload protection at 110% of the gross weight and the status of the battery.

▲ Conforms to CE safety standard.


i-Lift No.121090112109021210903121090412109051210906
Max Capacity kg(lb.)250(550)500(1100)1000(2200)2000(4400)3200(7000)6400(14000)
Precision kg(lb.)2(4)4(8)8(16)15(30)25(50)50(100)
Indexing Accuracy kg(lb.)0.5(1)0.9(2)0.9(2)4.5(10)4.5(10)9(20)
Test Capacity kg(lb.)500(1100)1000(2200)2000(4400)4000(8800)6400(14000)12800(28000)
Net Weight kg(lb.)0.5(1)0.6(1.3)0.7(1.5)1(2.3)
Figure dimension   mm(in.)A220(8.66)233(9.17)234(9.57)274(10.8)

i-LIFT Digital Load Indicators mainly used in industry, factory, warehouse, etc... Feel free to send us email to tell us more about your requirements; we will reply you in 24 hours.

Types of scale:

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After-sale service:

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