HD80N manual drum lift truck

This HD80N(HD80A) manual drum lift truck raises, transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully loaded drums. It carries the full weight of the drum. Dual, fingertip operated locks secured the raised drum. It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining through a faucet. when unlocked, the drum maybe turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped and held manually at an angle. so this series can be used as a drum mover or a drum dispenser. It is very simple to move and steer on its 8" polyurethane roller bearing wheels and 4" swivel caster.

i-Lift No.1710902
Capacity kg(lb.)364/880, Steel drum
Drum Size572 Dia.210 Liters(55 gallon), 915.5 High
Net Weight kg(lb.)50(110)


1. Combined carry, flip, and pour oil in one, simple operation.
2. The left and right locking pull ring  can lock the oil drum in the horizontal or vertical position to facilitate dumping or positioning
3. When releasing the locking ring , the oil drum can be turned over to stir or even the contents
4.HD80 is used to operate 55 gallon steel oil drum
★ Clamping: Stand the oil drum on the flat ground, and tightly close the turn ring of the clamping bag of the truck to the oil drum.
★ Lifting: Pull the handle manually to achieve the purpose of lifting.
★ Positioning: There is a screw lock device on the left column of the oil tank truck frame
★ Flip: Manually flip the oil barrel to achieve the purpose of flipping the material.
★ Weighing: If you need to weigh a heavy bucket, you only need to push it to the scale under the state of lifting and positioning.

Operation of manual drum lift truck

1. Clamping drum

The mobile hoop  is usually open due to being supported by a spring. This does help to accepting the drum.Push the Mobile-Karrier near to the drum that shall be lifted. While pulling the location levers, turn the handle  to locate supporting  hoop  in the middle of the drum.Release the location levers to lock the handle at this appropriate position.Turn the fastening lever counter-clockwise to make its teeth upward. Fasten the chain and insert the chain into the groove on the fastening lever. Then turn the lever clockwise quickly to make chain embay the drum. Please make sure that the fastening lever is firmly locked by the pawl.

2. Lifting drum

Press the handle and the drum will be lifted. When the drum is lifted to the required position, release the handle and the drum will be locked.

3. Transportation

Push/haul the handle to move the Mobile-Karrier to the destination. (Of course, if necessary, operator can turn the handle to change the Mobile-Karrier’s moving direction.)

4. Lower & release the drum

Press the handle slightly, and pull the location levers at the same time. Then slowly lift the handle so as to lower the drum. When the drum reaches a firm surface release the location levers.

Turn the fastening lever clockwise slightly so that the pawl disengages. Release the fastening lever. Take the chain  out the groove on the fastening lever and hang it on the hook. Move away the Mobile-Karrier.

5. Rotate the drum

The Mobile-Karrier can rotate the drum from vertical to horizontal position according to actual demand. Do the operation as follows. Disengage the location pins and in the meantime turn the drum by 90° by hand.

Turn the location pins so as to insert them into the corresponding holes to lock the drum in the horizontal position.

Note: Before rotating the drum, press/lift the handle (Part No. 4) to an appropriate height in case the drum bumps the ground.

6. Adjustment

If the supporting hoop is too high to hold the middle of the drum while the handle is lifted to its max. height, it is necessary to choose another appropriate hole on the handle. If the drum cannot be lifted to required height while the handle is pressed to reach its min. height, it is necessary to choose another appropriate hole on the lifting arm . Pull the location levers and slowly lift the handle so as to lower the drum. When the drum reaches a firm surface release the small levers. Remove the chain and move the Mobile-Karrier away from the drum.