DF10 Drum cradles

The DF10 series is a drum cradle equipped with polyester webbing strap to dispense and move drum in upright position safely. It has a loading capacity of 365 kg and net weight of 14.5 kg. This drum cradle is specifically used for automotive and industrial transporting applications. It is easy to lift drum for dispensing by one man operation.

Drum type210 liter steel
Front wheel                     mm(in.)φ125*35(5*1.4)
Rear castor                      mm(in.)                                                         φ100*35(4*1.4)
Net weight                       kg(lb.)14.5(31.9)

The Features of Drum Cradles :

  • DF10 Cart with cradle frame for transportation and tipping of metal drums of 210 lt. The drum cradle DF10 allows a single operator to take a metal drum in a vertical position, to transport it without effort and finally tilt it in a horizontal position for emptying.
  • Sturdy tubular steel with extendable handles, hooks for gripping the drum and nylon wheels.
  • One man operation to lift drum for dispensing.
  • Loading handle available to aid drum tipping.
  • Poly webbing strap available to securely clamp drum to stand when loading/unloading and transporting.
  • Hook on drip tray available.
  • Application use suitable to steel drum or plastic drum lifting,shifting,tilting,rotate 360 degree

Attention and Warning:

  1. It is forbidden to use overload, only allowed to be used on smooth, level and solid ground; it is not allowed to be used in environments with falling objects, ground pits and instability.
  2. When carrying goods, eccentric loading is prohibited
  3. Pay attention to whether there are people around, and carefully press the feet of the surrounding colleagues when unloading, causing injury. During operation, the surrounding people are not allowed to be close to prevent accidental injury.
  4. Check the condition of the truck before operation, paying special attention to the wheels to avoid problems during use.