HB1056M high lift scissor truck

This pallet truck’s ergonomic design and 32 inches maximum raised height helps to prevent back injuries from bending and heavy lifting. It can be used as a portable workstation in different applications. Equipped with back-leg supports to provide additional stability when the load is raised. To be used with open bottom pallets. Closed bottom pallets can be placed directly on top of the forks.

i-lift's  electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks are multi-functional, simple operation, and compact design. It is iIdeal  for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die-handling, and assembly operations, our Eoslift's electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks are multi-functional, simple, and compact. Ideal to use for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die-handling, and assembly operations, our electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks offer an ergonomic solution for loads lifting, positioning, and transporting. They are reliable and stable. Overloaded valve design to prevent the misuse of the truck, and reduce maintenance cost. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic velocity fuse, and the heavy duty steel construction is engineered to put up with tough environments. The two rigid front castors and two rear swivel with brakes are more maneuverable in tight areas. Our electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks are built with safety stops that minimize the risk of an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance. Our electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks will reduce the need for the worker to bend and lift, thus reducing the risk of injury, and the worker will also be able to raise and lower the deck with minimum pain and strain.

As a high lift truck manufacture, we have many different models for your option, they all in different capacity and diffenent lifting height , you can choose as you need.

The high lift scissor truck HB1056M, HB1068M, HB1556M, HB1568M are manual high lift scissor trucks.

The high lift scissor truck HB1056E, HB1068E, HB1556E, HB1568E are electric high lift scissor trucks.

The high lift scissor truck HB1056EN, HB1068EN, HB1556EN, HB1568EN series are electric high lift scissor trucks with built in charger. 


i-lift No.141070114107021410703141070414107051410706141110114111021411103141110414111051411106
TypeManualElectricElectric(built in charger)ManualElectricElectric(built in charger)
Max.fork heightmm(in.)800(32)
Min.fork height mm(in.)85±2(3.3±0.1)
Fork widthmm(in.)560(22)680(26.8)560(22)680(26.8)560(22)680(26.8)560(22)680(26.8)560(22)680(26.8)560(22)680(26.8)
Fork length mm(in.)1190(46.9)1170(46)
Grouond clearancemm(in.)20(0.8)
Front load rollermm(in.)75*75(3*3)
Steering wheelmm(in.)180*50(7*2)
Pump strokes to max.height without/with rated roadmm(in.)28/62-------28/62-------
Lifting time, without/with rated loadmm(in.)------11/19-------11/25
Battery Charger------Separate 10A/12VBuilt in 6A/12V-------Separate 10A/12VBuilt in 6A/12V
Net Weight(without battery)kg(lb.)128(281.6)133(292.6)158(347.6)163(358.6)159(349.8)164(360.8)143(314.6)148(325.6)170(374)175(385)171(376.2)176(387.2)

Features of HB high lift scissor truckOne of the best selling high lift scissor truck in the world !▲World class quality and performance.▲Single stage cylinder.No decrease of capacity.No risk of leakage.No dangerous dropping of second stage cylinder.▲Ergonomic design handle. Simple and comfortable operation.▲Improved safety. Automatic activation of self-adjusting stabilizers when lifting loads higher than 400mm for maximum stability and optimal braking.▲HB1056M/1068M-Manual. Quick-lift function doubles the lifting speed when lifting loads less than 250kg.▲HB1056E/EN, HB1068E/EN-EIectric.▲Easy handling. The compact structure with the battery and power unit positioned between body and lifting cylinder resulting in a low centre of gravity and excellent maneuverability.▲Flexibility. Can work manually when the battery electric unit works manually as well when battery is being charged.▲Charger. 10A/12V separate, or 6A/12V Built-in.▲Reliable. HPI power unit made in France.Conforms to EN1757-4 and EN1175.