HD18 HM Full Electric Pallet with Removable Lithium battery

The Features of Rotating Work table:

  • Handle integrated battery display and operation control.more convenient.
  • Drive unit with electromagnetic brake.
  • Comply with CE European safety standards.
  • Highly increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue, with smart size as a manual pallet jack. perfect for use in narrow & reduced spaces, small warehouses, manufactures, retail & transportation industries.


HD-HM series

  • Small but strong frame design,good for operating in narrow aisle.
  • The battery is light and easy to replace.lt can be replaced quickly in 20 seconds, can never be cut off.
  • 48v15ah lithium iron phosphate battery.

HQ-HM series

  • Small but strong frame design,good for operating in narrow aisle.
  • Large capacity battery,48v30ah lead acid battery.

HK-HM series

  • Strong steel structure design makes it more durable.
  • Large capacity battery,48v30ah lead acid battery.
i-Lift No.111140111114021111403111140411114051111406
Drive unitElectric
Load Capacitykg(ib.)1800(3960)2000(4400)2000(4400)2500(5500)3000(6600)3000(6600)
Load Centermm(in.)600(23.6)475(18.7)510(20)475(18.7)    510(20)475(18.7)510(20)
Overal Lengthmm(in.)1610(63.4)1550(61)1620(63.8)1620(63.8)1690(66.5)1590(62.6)1660(65.4)
Overal Widthmm(in.)680(26.8)550(21.7)680(26.8)550(21.7)    680(26.8)550(21.7)680(26.8)
Overal Heightmm(in.)1265(49.8)1280(50.4)1280(50.4)1280(50.4)
Fork Lengthmm(in.)1220(48)1150(45.3)1220(48)1150(45.3)  1220(48)1150(45.3)1220(48)
Individual Fork Widthmm(in.)160(6.3)160(6.3)160(6.3)160(6.3)
Overall Fork Widthmm(in.)680(26.8)550(21.7) 680(26.8)550(21.7)           680(26.8)550(21.7) 680(26.8)
Max. Fork Heightmm(in.)190(7.5)195(7.7)195(7.7)195(7.7)
Min. Fork Heightmm(in.)75⑶80(3.1)80(3.1)80(3.1)
Front Load Rollermm(in.)Φ75x70(3x2.8)Φ80x70(3.1x2.8)Φ80x70(3.1x2.8)Φ80x70(3.1x2.8)
Driving Wheelmm(in.)Φ190x70(7.5x2.8)Φ210x70(8.3x2.8)Φ210x70(8.3x2.8)Φ210x70(8.3x2.8)
Max. Travel Speedkm/h4.
Service BrakeElectromagnetic brake
Motive Powerkw0.750.7511.21.2
Battery CapacityV/Ah48/1548/3048/30
ChargerINPUTiAC 100-240V~50/60Hz1.5A 150VA OUPUTzDC 54.6V 2A
Net Weightkg(lb.)140(308)155(341)185(407)195(429)200(440)215(473)
40"GP550:60Units   680:48Units