SC104 swivel roller skates

Shifting skates can be used wherever heavy objects have to be moved. The load can be lifted using either the roller crowbar or a jack, allowing the skates to be easily positioned.

The large diameter sealed nylon rollers ensure ease of movement and spread the load, protecting high quality floors from damage by high point loads and oil/grease contamination.

The skates are maintenance free and are fitted with handles for ease of carrying and positioning. The platforms of the skates are fitted with a rubber surface which helps stability and protect the object being moved.

SC series swivel roller skates are used for equipment moving, they can be controlled to different directions.

The skate model SC102 has 2 castors and 2 fixed rollers.

The skate model SC104 has 4 castors.

                        SC102                                  SC104

i-lift No.19103011910302
No. of castormm(in.)24
No. of fixed rollermm(in.)20
Roller sizemm(in.)Castor 75*46(3*1.8)
Roller 100*35(4*1.4)
Skate weightkg(lb.)13(28.6)14(30.8)

Types of skates:

Skates fixed type, skates with caster, rotating roller machine skates, steerable skates, adjustable skates, complete skate kits, turn table, packing plate, roller skates, etc....

After-sale service:

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