SC1000C mobile workshop crane

i-Lift mobile workshop crane provides the heavy lifting power you require while also being foldable, allowing you to pack it up and put it out of the way when not in use.
It comes complete with hydraulic ram, chain and hook.Foldable for easy transport and space-saving storage. Heavy duty and long ram. A must-have for lifting engines, machinery and all heavy components. This hydraulic workshop crane Ideal for moving, repair, maintenance and assembly. Folding design is easy to transmission and store.

The crane range is free standing with 3 variable capacity settings (maximum capacity available is 2000 kg) afforded by its 3 position telescopic jib and heavy duty swivel hook with safety catch.

Lift / hook heights range right from floor level to 2490 mm and, when folded, the floor crane is completely mobile on its 4 wheels.

The crane has models SC500C, SC1000C, SC2000C

Features of mobile workshop crane

  • Heavy duty floor crane
  • Larger capacity than normal shop cranes at 3 positions, SC500C from 350kg(770lbs) to 500kg (1100lbs), SC1000C from 700kg(1540lbs) to 1000kg(2200lbs) and SC2000C from 1500kg(3300lbs) to 2000kg(4400lbs).
  • Double acting hand hydraulic pump unit
  • Heavy duty swivel hook with safety catch
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent overloading
  • Foldable design saves a lot of space.
  • Self standing on 4 wheels when folded
  • 2490 mm maximum lift height (model dependent)
  • Floor level minimum hook height
  • Forged heavy duty swivel hook. Often used in the auto repair industry to lift engines.
  • 125% overload testing before delivery.
  • 360º swivel operating handle.
  • 3 variable capacity settings
  • 3 position telescopic jib
  • Conforms to CE safety standard.


i-Lift No.231280123128022312803
Capacity at position kg(lb.)P1500(1100)1000(2200)2000(4400)
Dimensions mm(in.)A1354(53.3)1597(62.9)1626(64)
Overall width mm(in.)960(37.8)1100(44)1170(46.1)
Net Weight kg(lb.)75(165)115(253)165(363)