CK20/CY20 Crane Pallet Fork Lifter

No slings or chains necessary.

Crane operator will not need to leave cab of lorry or crane.

Forks will remain horizontal when loaded and unloaded.

Adjustable fork width.

Adjustable height.

CK series including CK10, CK20,CK30, CK50 is is manual balancing type, CY series including CY10,CY20,CY30 and CY50 has automatic balancing lifting holes, and the goods can be balanced during loading or unloading lifting by the balancing mechanism. It is suitable for handling goods placed on pallets.

▲Attention : goods that exceed the length of the fork. Will break the fork balance.



i-lift No.2313301231330223133032313304
Work Load LimitWLL            kg(Ib.)1000(2200)2000(4400)3000(6600)5000(11000)
Adjustable Fork Widthb               mm(in.)350-900(13.8-35.4)400-900(16-35.4)450-900(17.7-35.4)530-1000(20.8-40)
Hook         Heighth1             mm(in.)1390-1890(54.7-74.4)1640-2340(64.6-92.1)1670-2370(65.7-93.3)1700-2400(67-94.5)
Effective   Height h              mm(in.)1100-1600(44-63)1300-2000(51.2-78.7)
Fork           Length  L             mm(in.)1000(40)
Fork            Cross  D             mm(in.)100×30(7×1.2)120×40(4.8-1.6)120×50(4.8×2)150×60(6×2.4)
Overall SIzeLxWxH     mm(in.)1120×920×1390








Net    Weight kg(Ib.)130(286)200(440)250(550)370(814)


i-Lift No.2303305231330623133072313308
ModelCY10 CY20 CY30CY50
Work Load LimitWLL            kg(Ib.)1000(2200)2000(4400)3000(6600)5000(11000)
Adjustable Fork Widthb               mm(in.)350-900(13.8-35.4)400-900(16-35.4)450-900(17.7-35.4)530-1000(20.8-40)
Hook Heighth1             mm(in.)1420-1920(55.9-75.6)1655--2355(65.2-92.7)1720-2420(67.7-95.3)1710-2410(67.3-94.9)
Effective Height h              mm(in.)1100-1600(44-63)1300-2000(51.2-78.7)
Fork Length L               mm(in.)1000(40)
Fork cross D               mm(in.)100×30(4×1.2)120×40(4.8-1.6)120×50(4.8×2)150×60(6×2.4)
Overall SizeLxWxH     mm(in.)1120×920×1530








Net weightkg(Ib.)140(308)220(484)280(616)380(836)

Types of lifter:

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After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  3. We have been in manufacturing crane for many years. And we have a professional and perfect after-sales service team.

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