HVS-1.5 heavy duty steel jack

  1. i-LIFT steel jacks HVS and HKB are developed in accordance with the latest safety
  2. regulations. With milled rack, geared wheels and tempered parts of driving gear.
  3. In accordance with DIN 7355 (type HVS).
  4. Suitable for lifting loads of any type.
  5. With lifting body.
  6. Safety crank with folding handle.
  7. Type HKB comes with low body height.
  8. Lifting either with fixed toe or on clawed head.
  9. All construction components standardized.
  10. Low expenditure of force through optimal ratio.
  11. HVS-1.5 for 1500kg(3300lbs), HVS-3 for 3000kg(6600lbs), HVS-5 for 5000kg(11000lbs), HVS-10 for 10000kg(22000lbs), HVS-20 for 20000(44000lbs).
  12. HKB-1.5 for 1500kg(3300lbs), HKB-3 for 3000kg(6600lbs),HKB-5 for 5000kg(11000lbs), HKB-10 for 10000kg(22000lbs)

i-lift No.23101012310102231010323101042310105
Safe  working load kg(lb.)1500(3300)3000(6600)5000(11000)10000(22000)20000(44000)
Height of load mm(in.)725(28.5)800(31.5)
Lifting height mm(in.)350(13.8)300(12)340(13.4)
Height of claw in lowest position mm(in.)70(2.8)75(3)70(2.8)90(3.5)95(3.7)
Net Weight kg(lb.)12(26.4)20(44)24(52.8)42(92.4)60(132)
i-lift No.2310106231010723101082310109
Safe  working load kg(lb.)1500(3300)3000(6600)5000(11000)10000(22000)
Height of load mm(in.)570(22.4)600(23.6)650(25.6)
Lifting height mm(in.)300(12)
Height of claw in lowest position mm(in.)70(2.8)75(3)70(2.8)80(3.1)
Net Weight kg(lb.)11(24.2)18(39.6)22(48.4)38(83.6)

Types of Jack:

As a professional jack manufacturer for many years, we have developed various kinds of jacks, such as Trailer stabilizer jack, hydraulic jack, forklift jack, forklift support stand, axle stand, machinery jack, steel jack, safety ratchet crank, toe jack, industrial jack, stabilising jack, etc…

After-sale service:

  1. Each equipment comes with specs instruction
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  3. We have been in manufacturing jack for many years. And we have a professional and perfect after-sales service team.

Jack manufacturer:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of material handling & lifting products, jack is one of our main products. In addition to this, we can also manufacture various kinds of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, forklifts, crane and so on. If you would like to purchase one type of steel jack, you can send us email from this page for quotation now. And if you are interested in our other products, welcome to contact us via e-mail or other ways that listed in the page. We will reply you in 24 hours.