DTF450 Swift Drum Loader/ Unloader

Swift drum loader/unloader is one of the common drum trucks, which is very suitable for picking up drum from corner of pallet and then re-distributing drum. Because it can easily glide over pallets to quickly load or unload 30 or 55-gallon drums. Then it grabs drums from the middle of a standard pallet with a drum claw grab, raises the drums up, and redistributes them throughout the facility. Moreover, it can also remove drums from the corner of containment skids. The four robust wheels on this raptor drum loader include two swivelling castors which make the truck highly manoeuvrable and provide an easy means to transporting drums around the workplace as well as loading and off-loading.  The DTF450 straddles pallets around its corners and can also be used for off loading drums from containment skids.

Using a claw type grab this drum loader firmly grips a steel drum at its top rim/lip; adjusting the height is easy and carried out by using your foot to pump the foot pedal. There is a valve type joystick which will lower the drum when turned slowly counter-clockwise. Once the drum comes to rest on the ground the claw grab will release the drum.

Lifting drums can be awkward and difficult to lift, especially when full. Using specialist drum lifting equipment can not only make drum lifting easier but also quicker and safer. Lifting Gear Direct can supply many different types of drum lifting equipment; some can be slung from a hoisting device and some can be fitted to a fork lift truck.


Lifting capacity              kg(lb.)450(990)
Lifting height                mm(in.)500(20)
Lifting per stroke           mm(in.)11.6(0.5)
Drum size                     mm(in.)572mm(22.5’’diameter),210lifters(55 gallon)
Net weight                    kg(lb.)165(363)


The Features of Swift Drum Loader/ Unloader:

  • Highly manoeuvrable unit features a unique two poly wheel and two poly casters
  • removes drums from the corner of containment skids
  • Easily glides over pallets to quickly load or unload 30 or 55-gallon drums.
  • Grabs drums from the middle of a standard pallet with a drum clawgrab, raises the drums up,and redistributes them throughout the facility.

Usage of raptor drum loader:

  1. Tighten the oil drain valve on the cylinder clockwise to adjust the eagle mouth to the height of the oil drum.
  2. The eagle mouth is stuck on the upper edge of the oil drum to ensure that it is firmly fixed.
  3.  Press the foot pressure on the foot until the oil drum is off the ground.
  4. Move the oil drum to the specified position and turn the drain valve counterclockwise to place the oil drum on the ground.
  5. Remove the eagle mouth and finish the work.