YF2436 Steel platform hand truck trolley

Storing and transporting goods within working environments is a key part of day-to-day tasks so it is vital to carry out processes safely and efficiently. Our heavy duty steel platform trolley helps to reduce the risk of damage to goods, make light work of manoeuvring heavy loads and preventing injuries to employees.

Its heavy duty, high quality power coated deck is an attractive blue design is capable of working with loads up to 900kg so you can be assured that our heavy duty trolley will fulfil the majority of office, warehouse, storeroom and workshop requirements.

This all welded heavy duty 14 gauge steel decks, reinforced with internal. Iongitudinal stiffening members for extra strength. Removable pipe handle. bolt-on casters are double ball race, two swivel and two rigid casters. Durable baked gray enamel finish;providing a comfortable handle height for efficient materials handling.


  • Max. 900kg Load Capacity Heavy Duty Trolley;
  •  2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors;
  • Smooth & Effortless Movement on Roller Bearings;
  • Ideal for Office, Storeroom, Warehouse & Industrial Use

YF2436,YF2448,YF3048,YF3060,YF3672, are 450kg(1000lbs) capacity with different platform size.

XF2436,XF2448,XF3048, XF3060,XF3672, are 900kg(2000lbs) capacity with different platform size.

ZF2436,ZF2448,ZF3048,ZF3060,ZF3672, are 540kg(1200lbs) capacity with different platform size.

i-lift No.1011401101140210114031011404101140510114061011407
Capacity kg(lb.)450(1000)900(2000)
Platform size mm(in.)610*915(24*36)610*1220(24*48)760*1220(30*48)760*1525(30*60)915*1830(36*72)610*915(24*36)610*1220(24*48)
Platform height mm(in.)215(8.5)240(9.5)
Handle height mm(in.)840(33)865(34)
Caster wheel mm(in.)125*50(5*2)150*50(6*2)
Caster typePoly
Net Weight kg(lb.)30(66)35(77)40(88)45(99)56(123)31.5(70)36.5(80)

i-lift No.10114081011409101141010114111011412101141310114141011415
Capacity kg(lb.)900(2000)540(1200)
Platform size mm(in.)760*1220(30*48)760*1525(30*60)915*1830(36*72)610*915(24*36)610*1220(24*48)760*1220(30*48)760*1525(30*60)915*1830(36*72)
Platform height mm(in.)240(9.5)280(11)
Handle height mm(in.)865(34)905(37)
Caster wheel mm(in.)150*50(6*2)200*50(8*2)
Caster typePolyRubber
Net Weight kg(lb.)40.5(90)46.5(103)57.5(127)39(86)44(97)48(106)54(120)65(143)