PM1501 Plastic Platform Truck

Plastic platform truck is a large plastic table design, which is very suitable for warehouse, post, office and other places. This series has 1000 kg and 1500 kg capacity. There are two rigid wheels and swivel wheels in 1000 kg capacity truck, and two rigid wheels and four swivel wheels in 1500 kg capacity truck. Besides, there is less hassle than metal carts, which means it will not  rust, discolor or warp.

The heavy duty trolley has model PM1001, PM1501, PM1002, PM1502, PM1003, PM1503, PM1004, PM1504, PM1005, PM1505, PM1006, PM1506, PM1007, PM1507,

Technical Parameter of Plastic Platform Truck:

ModelCapacity       kg(lb.)Deck Size LxW mm(in.)Gross weight mm(in.)
PM10011000(2200)1500x750 (59x29.5)47(103.4)

The Features of Plastic Platform Truck:

  • Capacity 1000 kg, 1500 kg for evenly distributed load.
  • Less hassle than metal carts, will not rust, discolor or warp.
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean.
  • Honeycomb construction is reinforced for longer life.
  • Extra square steel tube underneath of platform to reinforce the truck.
  • Heavy duty castor wheel: φ150*40 mm, polyurethane.
  • 1000 kg capacity truck have two rigid wheels, two swivel wheels.
  • 1500 kg have two rigid wheels, four swivel wheels.
  • Removable steel handle.

Attention and Warning:

    1. Before using platform cart, it should be inspected. If it is loose or damaged, it should be repaired in time;
    2. When transporting goods, do not overload them;
    3. When going uphill, don't suddenly accelerate to rely on inertia uphill; when downhill, don't go too fast; don't make sharp turns on the flat road;
    4. When going up and down, keep your feet away from the wheel and the cart body to prevent bumps;
    5. When multiple people are transporting goods, pay attention to each other;
    6. Do not stand on the hand truck to slide and play;
    7.  Place it in the appropriate designated location after use