Automatically Walking Electric Lifting Table ES1000E

  • It is suitable for loading various sizes of goods with a large table.
  • Can be used for moving goods. Suitable for warehouse,logistics,manufacturing and other goods transportation workshops.
  • It uses anti-clamping fork design to prevent clamping injury.
  • This product conforms to EN 1570 1999.

i-lift No.1313811
Braking modeElectric
Capacity            kg(lb.)1000(2200)
Platform size     mm(in.)1000x600(39.4x23.6)
Pedestal size     mm(in.)1720x600(67.7x23.6)
Min.Height         mm(in.)460(18.1)
Max.Height        mm(in.)1500(59)
Lifting Dynamic Parameter24V/50Hz 1.6Kw
Mobile Dynamic Parameter24V/50Hz 0.8Kw
Net Weight        kg(lb.)370(814)