ES50D electric scissor lift table

ES series electric scissor lift table is designed for quickly and easily lift and lower loads up to 500kg(1100lbs). Ideal for lifting, positioning , transporting heavy loads shrt distance around the shop, factory, warehouse or even office. With robust structure light weight. capacity from 300 to 800kg with different lifting height.

Battery operated scissor lift table features a proven Curtis contraller and Hall Accelerator to provide effortless lifting, lowering and movement of heavy loads. A push of a button will raise and lower the platform of the electric lift table, 12V DC battery operated unit features an on-board battery charger and maintance battery

Two castors with brakes to increase safety. Power unit made in Euope DC800W. Automatic battery charger.

High quality battery, Single scissor 54 Ah/12V ; Double scissor 80 Ah/12V

This ES series electric lift table has different models with different capacity and lifting height like ES30, ES50, ES75,ES100 and ES30D, ES50D, ES75D, ES100D, so they can meet all kinds of high lift working.



i-Lift No.1310501131050213105031310504131050513105061310507
Capacity kg(lb.)300(660)500(1100)750(1650)1000(2200)300(660)500(1100)800(1760)
Table size mm(in.)1010*520(40*20)
Table height(Min./Max.) mm(in.)450/950










Lifting Cycle Fully Charged655545404540
Wheel Dia. mm(in.)150(6)
Lifting/Lowering Timesecond15/2215/1815/20
Overall size mm(in.)520*1230(20*50.2)
Net Weight kg(lb.)140(308)148(325.6)154(338.8)169(371.8)183(402.6)198(435.6)215(473)

Precautions and Maintenance of Electric Scissor Lift Table

1. If the charger is used for charging for more than 12 hours in the first use, check whether the electrical connectors of the electric lifting platform are loose during charging. If the electrical connectors of the electric lifting platform are loose, tighten them before charging

2. Check all parts of the electric lifting platform for deformation and bending;

3. Check whether the brakes of the electric lifting platform fail and the wear of the wheels of the electric lifting platform;

4. Check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system of the electric lifting platform;

5. Check whether there is any damage to the high-pressure tubing of the electric lifting platform. If there is any damage to the electric lifting platform, replace it in time.

6. Fill lubricating oil on each friction surface before using the electric lifting platform every day;

7. Charge in time after using the electric lifting platform every day;

8. If the electric lifting platform is in trouble, it should be repaired in time before use;

9. Replace the hydraulic oil of the electric lifting platform every 12 months, and select the correct hydraulic oil according to the climatic conditions of different regions;

  • Steel structure:Robust structure yet light weight.

  • Swivel caster with two brakes to increase safety.

  • High quality batteries: maintance free, long life, Number of battery cycles:400-600


  • Control handle is simple and easy to operate

  • Emergency lowering: To lower the platform in an emergency, turn this valve anti-clockwise until platform starts to lower.