BS15 Hydraulic scissor lift table

BS series hydraulic scissor lift table has heavy duty range, new design to meet EN1570:1999.

Capacity from 150 to 800kg with different lifting height to meet different work requirements. It has BS15, BS25, BS50, BS75, BS100, BS15D, BS30D, BS50D and BS80D according to different capacity and lifting height. BS15, BS25, BS50, BS75 and BS100 are single scissor lift table and BS15D, BS30D, BS50D, BS80D are double scissor lift tables, they have differnent capacity and lifting height to meet all kinds of lifting works.

New hydraulic system increases safety and protects your goods,tepless rate of lowering system remains irrespective of the weight of the load.The hydraulic cylinder is designed to hold table. As is the nature of the hydraulic system, table lowers very slowly over and extended period of time,Please note the table does not stay at the same position ionindefiinitely.




i-lift No.131040113104021310403131040413104051310406131040713104081310409
Capacity kg(lb.)150(330)250(550)500(1100)750(1650)1000(2200)150(330)300(660)500(1100)800(1760)
Table size(L*W) mm(in.)700*450(27.6*17.7)830*500(32.7*20)1010*520(40*20.5)830*500(32.7*20)1010*520(40*20.5)
Table height Min. mm(in.)265(10.4)330(13)435(17.1)442(17.4)445(17.4)435(17.1)435(17.1)440(17.4)470(18.5)
Table height Max. mm(in.)755(29.7)910(35.8)1000(40)1000(40)950(39.4)1435(56.5)1585(62.4)1580(62.4)1410(55.5)
Handle height mm(in.)1015(40)1085(42.7)1100(44)1085(42.7)1100(44)
Wheel Dia. mm(in.)100(4)125(5)150(6)
Overall size mm(in.)450*930(17.7*36.6)500*1065(20*41.9)520*1275(20*50.2)500*1065(20*41.9)520*1275(20*50.2)
Foot pedal to max.height mm(in.)202855658530778595
Net weight kg(lb.)41(90.2)78(171.6)118(259.6)120(264)137(301.4)90(198)150(330)168(369.6)165(363)


1.DO NOT put foot or hand in scissors mechanism.

2.DO NOT allow other person to stand in front of or behind lift table when it is moving.

3.DO NOT move lift table when table is in raised position. Load could fall down.

4.DO NOT enter under table.

5.DO NOT overload lift table.

6.DO NOT put foot in front of rolling wheels. Injury could result.

7.WATCH difference and hardness of floor level when moving lift table. Load could fall down.

8.DO NOT use lift table on slope or inclined surface, lift table may become uncontrollable and create danger.

9.DO NOT lift people. People could fall down and suffer severe injury