TPPT15 folding platform truck

Folding Platform Truck is widely used for family, traveling and shopping etc .Perfect for shopping to carry food, delivery cargoes in warehouse, help move to a new house, hold luggage cases and backpack while traveling, home delivery, suitable for furniture and household appliances home delivery service.This model features a rugged design that can reliably support up to 330 lb. while weighing just 15 lb. for easy transportation and use. The telescoping handle provides users the choice of a working height from 25.9" to 36.2", ensuring maximum comfort for operators of all heights. Easy for storing & carring when folding.


Technical Parameter of Folding Platform Truck:

Capacity kg (lbs)150(330)
Platform size mm (in.)650*415(25.7*16.3)
 Platform height mm (in.)180(7.2)
Wheel dia mm (in.)Φ100(4) Rubber
Folding size mm (in.)650*415*80(25.7*16.3*3.1)
unfolding size mm (in.)650*415*920(25.7*16.3*36.2)
 Hand height mm (in.)660/810/920(25.9/31.8/36.2)
Net weight kg (lbs)6.8(15)

The features of  Folding Platform Truck:

♦ Telescoping handle improves compact storage and makes usage comfortable for all operators

♦ Rugged design supports heavy loads while weighing just 15 lb, for easy use and transportation

♦ Easy to use and easy to carry. Reserve holes on the platform.

♦ You can fold it and unfold it in 15 seconds.

♦ Folds down to just 3 1/2" thick for convenient, space-saving storage or transportation in any supply closet or vehicle, and can be opened instantly with just the press of a button.

♦ All four wheels can be fold. Whether on a mountain road or a flat road, the wheels have a quite earthquake resistance effect.

Attention and Warning:

  1. Before using platform cart, it should be inspected. If it is loose or damaged, it should be repaired in time;
  2. When transporting goods, do not overload them;
  3. When going uphill, don't suddenly accelerate to rely on inertia uphill; when downhill, don't go too fast; don't make sharp turns on the flat road;
  4. When going up and down, keep your feet away from the wheel and the cart body to prevent bumps;
  5. When multiple people are transporting goods, pay attention to each other;
  6. Do not stand on the hand truck to slide and play;
  7. Place it in the appropriate designated location after use