SM1000 electric mini tow tractor

i-Lift's industrial tow tugs are available in all shapes and sizes and have been used for many different applications across all sectors .

With a wide range of specs, accessories and interchangeable parts, the electric tow tractors can be adapted to suit most needs, whether it is a static caravan you are moving, a train chassis, or wind turbines. This includes different types of surfaces, from clean factory floors to gravel.

Our tow tugs are easy to use, low maintenance and cost effective so you can focus on what you do best and not worry about your tow tug.

The tow tractor has models SM1000N, SM1000B(S), SM1500N, SM2000N, SM1000D, SM1500D, SM2000D, SM3000, SM3500, SM6000.

The best part is that there is no need for a driving or forklift license to operate one.

1.Very easy to connect the hook to the object in an instant with almost no effort;
2.Travel speed 0-6.5kw/h, stepless speed control, smooth/controllable speeds;
3.Electrically powered with built-in charger, low battery protection setting;
4.Rubber pneumatic drive wheel with alternative tread patterns and material specifications;

    SM1000N                                     SM1000D


SM1000B(S)                                      SM6000


i-Lift No.1810901181091018109021810903181090418109051810906181090718109081810909
TiresSolid rubber
Universal wheelPolyurethane(PU)
Tire size, frontmm250320
Tire size, rearmm75200
Height of tilter in drive positionmin.-max.  mm850-1200
Overall length without hookmm5756207007005757007001045
Overall widthmm510500552552510552552800960
Ground Clearancemm40304090
Travel speed slow/fastkm/h1.2-2/3-3.5
Service brakeElectromagnetic
Drive motorkw0.
Type of drive controlDC Curtis Control
Sound level at driver's ear acc. TO ENdb(A)<70
Hook typeManualElectricManual or Hydraulic
Hook heightmm220-300/210-290200-300180-420