HW1001 stationary lift table

HW series stationary lift table with high-quality pumping station  which makes the lifting of the goods stable and powerful, and the safety bar device is arranged below the tabletop, when it encounters obstacles below the tabletop, it stops to descend to ensure safety. With overload protection function, more reliable. The hydraulic system is equipped with an explosion-proof valve to prevent the platform from falling rapidly when the oil pipe bursts.

These models stationary scissor lift table can be used in above-floor or in-floor pit applications.Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose burst.

Anti-pinching shear fork design to prevent pinching. The internal power pack is equipped with a safety valve and a compensation flow switch. The safety valve can prevent overload operation, and the compensation flow switch can control low speed.

Widely used in manufacturing and maintenance industries.

  1. Exquisite Workmanship:Using electrostatic spraying, high temperature baking paint, the table surface is smooth, clean and beautiful, durable and corrosion-resistant, and there are safety bar devices around the bottom of the table to ensure safety during use
  2. Safety Strip:  The bottom of the table is equipped with a safety bar device. When the table descends and encounters an obstacle, it can stop descending to ensure safety.
  3. High Quality Cylinder:The high-quality oil cylinder can make the cargo lift fast, smoothly and powerfully. Equipped with overload protection device, equipped with pressure limiting safety valve to prevent load operation.
  4. Nylon Roller:It is designed with nylon rollers, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life.
  5. Easy to operate control panel

    ABS plastic material, push-button power supply and lift, comfortable hand feel, with cord handle for remote control.

  6. Motor pump station

    Equipped with overload protection device, it can effectively prevent overload damage and prevent hydraulic leakage

    The stationary lift table has model HW1001, HW1002, HW1003, HW1004, HW1005, HW1006, HW1007, HW1008, HW2001, HW2002, HW2003, HW2004, HW2005, HW2006, HW2007, HW2008, HW4001, HW4002, HW4003, HW4004, HW4005, HW4006, HW4007, HW4008,

Removable lifting eye for easy installation and operation

i-Lift No.13120011312002131200313120041312005131200613120071312008
Capacity kg(lb.)1000(2200)
Lowered height mm(in.)205(8.1)240(9.4)
Raised Height mm(in.)990(39)1300(51.1)
Platform Size mm(in.)820*13001000*1600850*17001000*1700850*20001000*20001700*15002000*1700
Base frame size mm(in.)680*1266(26.8*49.8)680*1600(26.8*63)1600*1360(63*53.6)
Lift Times20-2530-3530-40
Power Pack380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw
Net Weight kg(lb.)160(352)186(409.2)200(440)210(462)212(466.4)223(490.6)365(803)430(946)

i-Lift No.13120091312010131201113120121312013131201413120151312016
Capacity kg(lb.)2000(4400)
Lowered height mm(in.)230(9.1)250(9.8)
Raised Height mm(in.)1000(40)1300(51.1)1400(55.1)
Platform Size mm(in.)850*13001000*1600850*17001000*1700850*20001000*20001700*15002000*1800
Base frame size mm(in.)785*1255(31*49.4)785*1630(31*64.2)1630*1435(64*56.5)
Lift Times20-2525-35
Power Pack380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw380V/50Hz, AC1.5kw380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw
Net Weight kg(lb.)235(517)268(589.6)289(635.8)300(660)300(660)315(693)415(913)500(1100)

i-Lift No.13120171312018131201913120201312021131202213120231312024
Capacity kg(lb.)4000(8800)
Lowered height mm(in.)240(9.4)300(11.8)350(17.8)
Raised Height mm(in.)1050(41.3)1400(55.1)1300(51.1)
Platform Size mm(in.)1200*17001200*20001000*20001200*20001000*22001200*22001700*15002200*1800
Base frame size mm(in.)930*1600(36.6*63)930*1980(36.6*78)1655*1432(65.2*56.5)
Lift Times30-4045-5035-45
Power Pack380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw
Net Weight kg(lb.)375(825)405(891)470(1034)490(1078)480(1056)505(1111)570(1254)655(1441)