MD0246 work positioning lift table

This MD series foot operated work positioning lift table are hydraulic adjustable work bench, they are ideal for punch presses, die handling, conveyors, brake presses, loading and unloading trucks and maintenance operations. Used as adjustable work bench, welder’s positioning table, or leveling table. Reliable foot brake for stability.

At conveyor or production lines, as an adjustable workbench or positioning table, or at the dock loading and unloading trucks. Solid steel platform and base with durable enamel finish, and central lift point offer sure, stable lifting. Foot pedal operated durable hydraulic jack offers 7/16" of lift per stroke. Easy rolling 4 swivel polyurethane wheel casters. Please note that this model does not include floor lock.

MD series including an adjustable working table,  positioning table, loading and unloading trucks at the dock. Solid steel platform and base, durable, enamel, and a central lifting point provide a certain, stable lifting foot pedal operation durable hydraulic jack. The lifting lock on the safe ground of each stroke can fix the position of the table, easy to roll, 2 swivels 2.

The work positioning lift table has models MD0246, MD0548, MD1048, MD2048A, MD2048B, MD2059A, MD2059B, MD4059A, MD4059B, MD6059A, MD6059B

1 year limited warranty for hard polyurethane casters.

i-lift No.13114011311402131140313114041311405
Capacity kg(lb.)90(200)225(500)455(1000)900(2000)
Min. Height mm(in.)740(29)760(30)
Raised Height mm(in.)1170(46)1220(48)
Table size mm(in.)410*410(16*16)460*460(18*18)460*915(18*36)610*915(24*36)815*1220(32*48)
Diameter of castors mm(in.)75(3)100(4)
Net weight kg(lb.)34.5(76)69.5(153)90.5(202)102(225)140(308)

i-lift No.131140613114071311408131140913114101311411
Capacity kg(lb.)900(2000)1800(4000)2700(6000)
Min. Height mm(in.)940(37)
Raised Height mm(in.)1500(59)
Table size mm(in.)610*915(24*36)815*1220(32*48)610*915(24*36)815*1220(32*48)610*915(24*36)815*1220(32*48)
Diameter of castors mm(in.)150(6)
Net weight kg(lb.)187(412)240(528)187(412)240(528)187(412)240(528)

Warnning:A damaged or malfunctioning machine must never be used. If damage or malfunctions are discovered during pre-operation inspection or function tests, the machine must be tagged and removed from service.

Repairs to the machine may only be made by a qualified service technician and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

After repairs are completed, the operator must perform a pre-operation inspection and function test again before putting the machine into service.