TP120N-T Pallet Dollies As Tugger Train

Pallet Dollies TP series

  • A versatile programme 4 sizes 4 wheel features 5 load capacities.
  • For pallets and lattice boxes.
  • Sturdy sectional steel construction with 4 catch comers for stacking.
  • 2 swivel and 2 fixed-wheel castors. Castors with wheel lock, according to the EN1757-3
i-Lift no.1512201151220215122031512204
Capacity (kg)TPEtyres wheels750
Polyamide wheels1050
Polyurethane wheels2200
Outside dimension L x W x H (mm)855x655x2501055x855x2501255x855x2501255x1055x250
Platform size LxW(mm)810x6101010x8101210x8101210x1010
For pallet size L x W (mm)800x6001000x8001200x8001200x1000
Wheel size (mm)125
Height (mm)200

TP120N-T For pallets and boxes.

1.Sturdy sectional steel construction with 4 catch corners for stacking, powder coated.

2.swivel and 2 fixed casters. Swivel castors with wheel lock, according to the European Standard EN 1757-

3.(safety of platform trolleys), polyamide wheels, hubs with roller bearings. Low rolling resistance, high chemical resistance, non-marking and low road noise.

  1. Small in size, light in weight and large in capacity. Weight:45kg,Capacity” 1000kg per dollies.
  2. Size of dollies and material of wheel can be customized according to requirement.
  3. It is very flexiable and easy to steer. And steering radius is very small.
  4. Parts of this dollies are replaceable, so it is easy to maintain.
  5. Easy to place pallets.
  6. This dollies can be two-direction dragged.
  7. This dollies can be easily connected as a train.(Max. 5 dollies per train, Max. train speed 6km/h, Max. Capacity 3000kg)

Outside Dimension LxWxH52.2,,x33.7,'x30.9"(1325x855x785mm)
Platform Size LxW47.6"x31.9H(1210x810mm)
For Pallet Size LxW47.2Nx31.5N(1200x800mm)
Net Weight99lbs(45kg)
Max. Per Train5 pallet dollies
Max. Train Speed6km/h(3.728mph)
Max. Train Capacity6600lbs(3000kg)