How to choose a crane for a low workshop?

Crane is now widely used in various industries. In many cranes building workshop to provide efficiency and the development of intelligent operation. However,some factories did not consider the need to use cranes in advance when designing and using them. Therefore, the height of the factory was too low to install the crane, or the lifting height of the crane after installation could not meet the lifting requirements. Therefore, today, i-Lift Equipment Ltd. will introduce to you how to deal with the situation that the height of the plant is insufficient, and which crane to buy.



In the case of limited workshop space, you can choose ordinary single-girder cranes. This is because the single-girder crane is lighter than the double-beam crane, occupies less space, and has relatively lower environmental requirements. The electric hoist of a single beam crane is usually suspended under the main beam, and its height is 6~30 meters. However, if the height of the workshop still cannot meet the height requirements, a European crane can be selected. The European single-beam crane can increase the lifting height by 0.5~3 meter, which requires a lower workshop height and is easier to meet.


The excellent European single-beam crane has the advantage of low clearance and can make the most of the smaller space. Its simple and compact structure, light weight, low operating cost and low energy consumption are conducive to low-cost production by manufacturers. European single-girder cranes include bridges, trolleys and trolley operating mechanisms. According to the flexibility of mechanical operations, the lifting objects can be processed in three-dimensional space.

Compared with traditional single-girder cranes, European single-girder cranes have a unique structure and low wheel pressure. For low-altitude workshops, the European-style single-beam crane has the smallest distance from the hook to the wall, the lowest clearance height, and a higher lifting height to meet the needs of low-altitude workshops.

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